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Su-30MK2 basic specifications
Engines type 2 х AL-31F
Thrust, kgf 2 х 12500
Length, m 21,9
Wing span, m 14,7
Height, m 6,4

Max takeoff weight, kg:

- max


- limit


Max internal fuel capacity, kg


Max payload, kg


Max speed, km/h:

- at high altitude


- at sea level

Max Mach number 2
Service ceiling, m 17300

Max g-load


Range, km:

- without in-flight refuelling


- with one in-flight refuelling

Run with the normal takeoff weight, m 550
Roll with the drag chute deployed, m 750

Double-seat fighter.

The Su-30MK2 multi-role fighter is designed to gain air superiority through killing hostile manned and unmanned aircraft with guided missiles in medium-range engagements and dogfights, and surface (ground and sea) targets destroying with all types of weapon, first of all with high precision weapon in individual and group operations in all-weather conditions. The aircraft can be used for training flying personnel to hone their flying and fighting skills.

The back-seater reduces the pilot's workload in long-range PGM encounters, in nighttime operations and on protracted missions with in-flight refuelling.

The main features of the Su-30MK2 fighter are the following:

  • an improved fire control system boasting enhanced surface-target capabilities;
  • an advanced cockpit management system;
  • an improved navigation and communications suite;
  • more sophisticated self-defense electronic countermeasures (ECM) suite;
  • an expanded air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons suite with the ordnance mounted externally on 12 hardpoints;
  • an in-flight refueling system;

reinforced airframe and landing gear provide for the aircraft operation with max combat load and fuel capacity with take-off weight up to 38 tones.

The fire control system of Su-30MK2 provides for detection, tracking and hitting by onboard weapons aerial and surface targets round the clock and in any weather.

The fire control system comprises two major subsystems:

  • fire control subsystem for air-to-air weapon includes radar sighting system, optronic sight system, and head-up display system;
  • fire control subsystem for air-to-surface weapon provides for the use of a wide spectrum of air-to-surface high-precision weapons, and for the indication of targets designation, flight and navigation data on four 4-х multifunction displays located on the cockpits’ instrument panels.

The mainstay of the cockpit management system are four colour multifunction liquid crystal displays (LCD) and head up-display (in the fore cockpit only). These displays show all required digital and visual target designation, flight and navigation data as well as data on the aircraft systems status. Along with the multifunction LCDs, the instrument panel houses traditional electromechanical instruments, which act mostly as backups.


The radar used on Su-30MK2 in the air-to-air engagement ensures the following:

  • searching for aerial targets;
  • detected targets identification;
  • attacking the targets with medium- and short-range missiles featuring different guidance;
  • searching for, locking on and tracking a visual target in dogfights.

In the air-to-surface mode, the radar ensures the following:

  • all-weather acquisition and positioning of radio-contrast surface targets;
  • surface targets designation data supply to provide the Kh-31A, Kh-35E, and Kh-59MK air-to-ship missiles application.

Optical-electronic sighting system comprising the Optical location station and Helmet-mounted target designation system (HMS). The Optical location station (OLS) of Su-30MK2 is a combination of an infrared search and track system (IRST) and a laser rangefinder/target designator .It is designed to track aerial targets both in the front and rear hemispheres using their infrared signature. It also can be used for the laser ranging of aerial and surface targets as well as for illuminating surface targets by the laser beam for air-to-surface missiles with semi-active laser homing heads application.

The Su-30MK2 weapon suite includes the built-in GSh-301 30-mm automatic single-barrel high-rate-of-fire cannon with ammunition load of 150 rounds, missiles, rockets and bombs mounted externally on 12 hardpoints under wings and fuselage.

The air-to-air weapon suite includes medium-range missiles of the R-27 type – R-27T1, R-27ET1 heat-seeking missiles, R-27R1, R-27ER1 semi-active radar-homing missiles, R-27P1 and R-27EP1 missiles; RVV-AE medium-range active radar-homing missiles; and R-73E short-range heat-seeking missiles.

The Su-30MK2 fighter has wide range of guided and unguided weapons used to destroy surface targets.

The air-to-surface guided weapon of the Su-30MK2 fighter consists of the Kh-59ME, Kh-35E and Kh-59MK missiles; the Kh-31A medium-range high-speed anti-ship active radar-homing missiles; the Kh-31P medium-range antiradar passive radar-homing missiles; Kh-29T, Kh-29TE TV-homing missiles or Kh-29L laser-homing short-range missiles; KAB-1500Kr TV-homing bomb and KAB-500Kr (KAB-500-OD) guided bombs.

The unguided air-to-surface weapons include bombs of 500-kg, 250-kg, and 100-kg caliber, cluster bombs, incendiary tanks, and S-8, S-13, and S-25-OFM rockets as well.

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